Our curriculum draws on the work of two sets of objectives and intentions to support children in developing the skills they need to succeed as individuals, as students, and as citizens of their local and global communities. Through the use of The Creative Curriculum by Teaching Strategies (2010), teachers foster development in nine different areas:

Social-Emotional Physical Cognitive
Mathematics The Arts Literacy
Science & Technology Social Studies Language

Moving beyond the traditional goals of early childhood programs, we support children’s aesthetic development and environmental awareness. This aspect of our curriculum is drawn from the work of the Schlitz Audubon Nature Preschool (2013).

Children play regularly both indoors and outdoors.

Both environments are intentionally designed to encourage children to actively engage in constructing their own understandings of the world. As they explore, experiment, and invent with the materials in these environments, children play with numeracy, literacy, science, social studies, and the arts in a way that is meaningful for them.

They consider what it means to work with others and how to navigate the conflicts that occur through these interactions. They discover who they are as individuals and as members of a community. They make friends and share in the sense of community that comes from working and playing together. Communication skills develop naturally as they move through the ebb and flow of their daily activities.

Children learn as they play.

The content of our curriculum is learned through studying different developmentally-appropriate topics. We begin each academic year with an idea as to what topics might be of interest to the children, but as we come to know the children and they come to know us, new topics will emerge based on their unique interests, skills, and talents. Through our curriculum, we remain responsive to the children and work with them to develop new topics of study.

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